AGATA 2023

Agata on the road 2023

Agata on the road 2023 Exhibition
Urs Lüthi
Lost direction (Sant'Agata)


Opening February 1st 2023 h. 18.00
fOn Art Gallery


The cult of Sant'Agata in Catania and the Agatha celebrations involve over one million people from five continents, thus becoming the third most important religious festival in the world for Christianity, after the Holy Week in Seville and the Corpus Domini festival in Cusco in Peru.
It traditionally takes place from 3 to 5 February, the date on which the martyrdom of the patron saint occurs in 251 AD. in the capital of Etna at the hands of the soldiers of the Roman proconsul Quinziano who had her breasts mutilated. On 17 August we remember the return to Catania of the martyr's remains that had been stolen and taken to Constantinople.
In 2023, after the Covid health emergency, Catania celebrates its Patroness again with its spectacular popular festival.

For the third consecutive year, the OELLE Mediterraneo Antico ETS Foundation proposes the Agata on the road project which aims to contribute to the story of the uniqueness of this religious and popular festival based on a transversal and contagious devotion, beyond all geographical and social boundaries. Devotion to Agata has become an artistic and scientific project of the Foundation which aims to tell the complexity of the popular event with a permanent archive, a container of multiple testimonies relating to the languages of art.

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