Agatha on the road

That of Sant'Agata in Catania is the third most important religious festival in the world, after the Holy Week in Seville and the Feast of Corpus Domini in Cuzco in Peru, precisely due to the large number of participants that usually involves, over one million people from the five continents. It traditionally takes place from 3 to 5 February and 17 August. The first date is that of the martyrdom of the Holy Etnea (whose breasts were removed), while the date of August commemorates the return to Catania of her remains, after they had been stolen and taken to Constantinople. This year, due to the ongoing health emergency, Catania cannot celebrate its patroness with its usual spectacularity, but the OELLE Mediterraneo Antico Foundation has brought its extraordinary rituality on display with the Agatha on the road project which aims to contribute to the story of the uniqueness of this religious and popular festival, known all over the world. "In a moment of great involuntary void of possibilities and perspectives, we felt the need - declares Ornella Laneri, president of the OELLE Foundation - to make our contribution, through the language of art, to a city that is for the second time in silent devotion. With the exhibition, until March 6, 2022, the spaces of the GAM of Catania, a prestigious exhibition venue, will welcome AGATHA enthusiasts to the heart of the city, whether they are travelers, devotees or lay people ยป.
Agatha on the road has a double narrative code, through photography, sculpture, video, sound art, it includes parallel stories that point towards an "other" vision of the Agatino cult, emphasizing the relationship between Agata and the streets, Agatha and sounds , Agata and the population of an unfiltered city.


Opening time

February 4 - March 6

Exhibition Space

GAM - Galleria di Arte Moderna

Via Castello Ursino, 32, 95121 Catania CT


Fondazione OELLE Mediterraneo Antico