Canto di Primavera (che colore avrà il futuro?)

The "Spring's Song" looms and envelops the visual projects of nine artists who, with different languages ​​and techniques, interpret the changing wind and develop suggestions and new, inescapable directions. All over the world we celebrate the arrival of spring, a magical season, a harbinger of new visions and a renewed chemistry that accelerates the biological and cognitive processes of human beings.
Desire advances, the shortcomings of recent months cry out for revenge and the new makes its way into planning and hope.
What color will the future be? The color of this Spring 2021 takes on a particular value, a symbol of a longed-for rebirth. From drawing to photography, from painting to video, from sound to writing, OELLE has tried to regulate the anarchic and random traffic of different experiences and personalities, drawing on the archive of its own memory, full of important signs and acquaintances that have left their mark within the OELLE community. For us the future will have the color of Care and Reflection.
In the seventies in Italy, a colorful and irreverent storm wind arrived with musical groups such as Premiata Forneria Marconi, Area, le Orme, and Banco del Mutuo Soccorso which writes and sets to music the album "Canto di Primavera", characterized from libertarian suggestions and innovative atmospheres.
"Canto di Primavera", a tsunami freely translated and interpreted, inspired yet another concept of the Oelle Foundation which, in the now consolidated spirit of jam sessions among the arts, hosts works by international artists and young beginners enthusiastic about embarking on the arduous path of artistic research and its place in the world, as a founding element of a new form of sustainability of the planet

"The smell of gypsies is like the sea. How the sea comes and you don't know where from. The smell of gypsies is like the sea. And spring is beyond its clear sky. It no longer carries legends to tell. But it surprises you like a disease ………… ".

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.
“Canto di Primavera”4m.22
Testi di Francesco di Giacomo e Vittorio Nocenzi, musiche di Gianni e Vittorio Nocenzi.1979.

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