Contests and scolarships

The participated experience of the seminar "Revolution, Democracies and Freedom", promoted within the eighth edition of the Taobuk Festival, conceived and directed by Antonella Ferrara, ends today, Thursday 20 September, with the awarding of eight scholarships worth of 500 euros each to the students of the Lyceum Scientific catanese Galileo Galilei directed by the principal Gabriella Chisari, thanks to the support of the president of the Oelle Foundation Ornella Laneri, convinced of the importance of investing in the very young, and of the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies in Naples from Fiorinda Li Vigni.

Twenty-three students of Galileo participated in the project, accompanied by Professor Nadia Cucinotta, during the meetings of 26 and 27 June entitled "Revolution, democracies and freedom. 50 years from the Sixties" held at the Historical Archive of Taormina in the presence of Giuseppe Gembillo, professor of History of Philosophy at the University of Messina, Gianluca Lioni, author of "The great discourses that have made history" (Newton & Compton) and Stefano Azzarà of the University of Urbino, which moderated the seminar.

The students produced works on what they learned during the Taobuk experience, evaluated jointly by the three promoters of the initiative. Eight, therefore, the winners: Tresy Battaglia, Daniele Belfiore, Alessia Cannavò, Michelangelo Capizzi, Gabriele Crisci, Alfio Pappalardo, Giulia Pappalardo and Angelo Pettinato, who with scholarships are entitled to a training stay in Naples, during which they will attend a show focused on the figure of Eleonora De Fonseca Pimentel, the female protagonist of the 1799 movements in Naples, and will have the opportunity to visit Palazzo Serra di Cassano, the historical site of the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies, and the splendid Cappella Sansevero. Before returning to school, with an unforgettable experience to add to your cultural baggage.