Question Time - E' tempo di domande

"Question Time - E' tempo di domande"

Artists have always expressed and investigated reality in all its dimensions in search of a meaning, thus fulfilling a political act. Placing oneself at the service of the public and of the citizens, they raise doubts, establish ties and connections, advance ideas and reflections. Today's culture, characterized by continuous references, contaminations and crowded with stereotypes, risks moving away from the true essence of things and from the planning of a better today and tomorrow. Contemporary languages ​​- such as photography and video - capable of capturing the essence of the society that surrounds us, of penetrating situations and criticizing them, must be vehicles for the representation of human needs, the author of the work becomes, therefore , the one who looks, the one who has the duty to sense a beginning, see a development and foresee the end of the narrative. The artist suggests a path but the observers have the task of becoming interpreters of possible resolutions, and to return to take care of the public thing as opposed to the individualism of our times.


Artists on display:

Carmen Cardillo - Calamite

Francesco Di Giovanni - I invade, You invade

Egidio Liggera - Plato's cave

Emanuela Minaldi - Memoriae loci

Ivan Terranova - EUtopia




Opening time


from 4.30 pm to 19.30 pm

Exhibition space

fOn Art Gallery

Four Points by Sheraton Catania
Via Antonello da Messina, 45
Aci Castello — 95021 Catania, CT


Fondazione OELLE Mediterraneo Antico

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