Lo sguardo oltre la guerra

Lo sguardo oltre la guerra

On the occasion of the anniversary of the establishment of the Phil Stern Pavilion in the Historical Museum of the Landing in Sicily in 1943, the OELLE Mediterraneo Antico Foundation, in collaboration with the Metropolitan City of Catania, presents two events of great historical-cultural importance:

1 ) Presentation, in national preview, of the book "Snapdragon The World War II exploits of Darby's Ranger and Combat Photographer Phil Stern" by the American journalist Liesl Bradner, who during the presentation will talk with Ezio Costanzo and Carmelo Nicosia.

2) Inauguration of the photographic exhibition "The look beyond the war. 1942/1943 Unpublished photographs by Phil Stern ", edited by Ezio Costanzo. The events will take place at the Phil Stern Pavilion - Historical Museum of the landing in Sicily 1943 - Le Ciminiere Catania - Tuesday 25 September 2018 starting at 18.00

The book: "SnapDragon. The World War II exploits of Darby’s Ranger and Combat Photographer Phil Stern” the written and photographic testimony of the participation in World War II of the American photographer Phil Stern, enlisted following the Darby's Rangers. In the book (312 pages, published by Osprey Publishing) are collected the notes of Stern's diary and more than 300 photographs taken by him in North Africa, Sicily and Europe during the war.

The exhibition: "The look beyond the war. 1942/1943 Unpublished photographs by Phil Stern ", curated by Ezio Costanzo, proposes a series of unpublished photographs by Phil Stern taken during the Second World War that contain compositional elements that go beyond the ritual documentation of the war event. The gaze of the young American photographer, in fact, focuses not only on aspects of military life but also on the context that surrounds him, immortalizing the environment and the people with whom he interacts, managing to capture moments of extreme compositional beauty. The images presented in the exhibition are part of the personal archive of the Second World War by the American photographer (about three thousand negatives) that the Stern family has entrusted to the historian Ezio Costanzo for cataloging, curating and studying. The OELLE Foundation took over the digitization of the important archive, with this further effort to increase the existing collection of the Phil Stern Pavilion, also creating an exhibition space that can host other photographic exhibitions related to the theme of World War II and to the specifics of the Museum of the Landing that hosts it.

The exhibition is enriched with an interactive sound installation by Michele Spadaro, sound engineer.

In the space of the Pavilion will be exhibited, for the occasion, an unpublished photograph of Robert Capa, taken in 1943 in Sicily, part of the collection recently acquired by the Pintauradi Troina Foundation.


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Opening time

25 settembre 2018

h. 6.00pm presentazione del libro "Snapdragon"

h. 7.00pm inaugurazione della mostra "Lo sguardo oltre la guerra"

Exhibition space

Phil Stern Pavilion
Museo Storico dello Sbarco in Sicilia 1943
Le Ciminiere Catania
Piazzale Chinnici,
Catania — 95129 Catania, CT


Fondazione OELLE
E. segreteria@fondazioneoelle.com


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