"Ryan Mendoza - Spin-off Active Shooter"

"Ryan Mendoza - Active Shooter"

The OELLE Mediterraneo Antico foundation hosts in the spaces of the FON Art Gallery the spin-off of the “Active Shooter” exhibition by Ryan Mendoza.

The American artist has lived for a little over a year between Berlin and the slopes of Etna, were he set up his new studio. Mendoza’s research is the mir- ror on which the decadent image of contemporary society is reflected in a merciless play of referen- ces. Active Shooter alludes to an ironic personality, to the presumed omniscience, an active shooter, skillful mystifier and clever pundit, a nice minchia- taro... a tender everyday hero. Actor’s mask, and masks are the subjects of Mendoza, always poised between being supermen and their intimate fragility. Mendoza paints provocateurs and common slo- gans, duly censored, and people. Common mottos and heroes, a distorted echo, personal dystonia that sadly reveals our weaknesses and decadence. However, it reveals the magic formula thanks to which the company accepts us. In his paintings the clash between opposing values is evident: ambi- guity, xenophobia, domination, pornography, lust, voyeurism, hatred... make the verse of clarity, inte- gration, dependence, chastity, confidentiality, love, intimacy... without ever expressing a judgment,
raise disturbing questions about the values on whi- ch the new social ethics is based. In his paintings the great ability to link the pop and horizontal vision of American culture transpires, with the Baroque stratification of European thought, creating in that sense that short circuit that excites critical capacity and invites reflection on how we appear and how intimately we are, in an ambiguous game and as intriguing as it is the ironic and serious personality of the American artist.

The entire exhibition can be visited at the Brodbeck Foundation in Catania from 25 November 2019 - 3 March 2020




Opening time


from 4.30 pm to 19.30 pm

Exhibition space

Spin-off Active Shooter
fOn Art Gallery

Four Points by Sheraton Catania
Via Antonello da Messina, 45
Aci Castello — 95021 Catania, CT


Active Shooter
Fondazione Brodbeck

Via Gramignani, 93,
Catania - 95121



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