Cultural ethical mission

Future: visions and achievements

between contemporaneity and development

Privileged observatory on the Mediterranean - place of diffusion and transit of millennial cultures that look through art - a meeting point between past and future.

The Fondazione OELLE is born from these principles, which moves among a thousand projects, ideas, objectives and stands as an antenna, facilitator, able to capture the interests that burn in each of us and put them in relation to each other in a place that opens to the territory and to the most unexpected spectators.

It is art, of course, the engine of everything around which the world of Oelle moves.

Starting from the artist residences, fundamental for the contamination and the evolution of ideas, which will be inaugurated with the Italian-Australian artist Alfio Bonanno, considered one of the greatest exponents in the world of Arte Natura. His works are born from organic materials, trees and rivers, with which he creates different places of aggregation where numerous groups meet to talk and to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the artist's installations.


Every two months the Fondazione intends to open up to the territory by organizing "Breakfast in Fondazione" with the aim of communicating and disseminating the project and the prefixed objectives.

Cultural regenerations of the territory through a series of political, social, artistic and professional measures aimed at involving youth groups, with particular attention to social desease.


Ornella Laneri

Carmelo Nicosia