Ezio Costanzo

Ezio Costanzo

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Ezio Costanzo, professional journalist, historian, documentary maker, is the author of several books on the Anglo-American occupation of Sicily in 1943 and creator and curator of international photographic exhibitions on the themes of the Second World War and the history of photography. Among the exhibits, Phil Stern. Sicily 1943 dedicated to the great American photographer, and Children and the war, who dealt with the tragedies of childhood on the various fronts of the Second World War.

He was part of the scientific committee for the creation of the 1943 Historical Museum of the Landing in Sicily in Catania with the task of researcher of the photographic material and filmed in the most important archives around the world and as the author of the texts of historical videos projected in the museum tour .

He has published several essays on history, including: The war in Sicily. 1943, photographic history (with introductory essay by Lucio Villari); Sicily 1943 - Brief history of the allied landing (with the introduction of Carlo D'Este); Mafia & Allies - American secret services and disembarkation in Sicily, winner of the "Rocco Chinnici" prize in 2007, translated and published also in the United States, L'istante e la storia. Reportage and photographic documentation. From the origins to the Magnum.

He wrote and directed many documentary films: "Moral Bombing. The weapon of grief" and documentary  "Phil Stern, the war and the soul" and "Sicily 1943. The allied landing".

He is the delegate for Italy of the "Phil Stern Trust" in Los Angeles for the promotion of events regarding the Phil Stern photographic archive on the Second World War.

He collaborates with Rai Storia and has participated in the creation of Forbidden History of the Italian Wars (History Channel), Correva the year (Rai Tre), The beginning of the end. The Battle of Sicily (Rai Storia Dixit), Sicily '43 by Folco Quilici (Istituto Luce).

Nowadays he holds the role of scientific coordinator of the Historical Museum of Landing in Sicily 1943.

He taught "Radio and Television Language" at the University of Palermo and is currently professor of "History of reportage and photographic documentation" and of "Photo-reportage at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania.

He writes for the cultural page of "La Repubblica" (ed. Of Palermo) and collaborates with the BBC history magazine "History".