Ornella Laneri

Ornella Laneri 

president Fondazione OELLE


She studies architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, where she knows and attends some of the greatest contemporary artists and critics. The youngest learns the basics of tourism-cultural marketing, working with international companies that deliver the solid foundations to manage the family business. Passionate mothers love his land deeply.

Since 1983, the opening year, the hotel has been strongly characterized as a container of multimedia art projects, creating in 2015 the Fon Art Gallery - the exhibition area of ​​the hotel dedicated to temporary exhibitions on the theme of travel. The Society finances numerous domestic and international projects in the field of visual arts and social arts.

Since 2009, the OELLE Mediterraneo Antico Foundation has set itself the goal of enhancing the historical, artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. The Foundation includes a rich collection of contemporary artworks.

Since 2013, he is a member of the CDA at the Sicilian Venture Phylantropy Foundation (aimed at valorisation and local start-up growth).

Since 2014 secretary of the Board of Aidda Sicilia (Association of Women Business Executives).

Since 2016 Business Business Ambassador for the Principality of Monaco.

From 2017,  he inaugurated the first Urban Garden, Horto in, linked to a large hotel context. An innovative startup that adds a clutch to his ethical and then "green" business idea. And in the context of this "sustainable" vision, the birth of the Timo Restaurant (hotel restaurant), which today will be able to use zero-km garden products, reduce gas emissions due to freight transport and gift to its travelers an atmosphere of citrus, tomato and basil.