Antonio Fortugno

The work is carried out on the Greek island of Dodecanese Kos, on the occasion of the first photographic mission promoted by Fondazione Fotografia Modena, aimed at documenting what was happening in 2016 with the arrival of migrants.
Co0 is an intimate work on the historical condition of man as a traveller, on the physical and inner journey that each in his own way makes during his life.
Memory, memory and identity come to life through the presence of an absence evoked by water, a vital element par excellence, in the diptych of the images of the swimming pool of the former Hotel Captain Elias in the capital, a hotel structure that was a temporary place for refugees coming from the sea, a place of water par excellence and a source of life or death for shipwrecked people. The temporal aspect of travel, waiting and abandonment are found inside Linopoti’s barracks (a place predestined for Kos’s hotspot), which takes on the connotations of a theatrical backdrop where you are both actors and spectators, through a sequence of eight similar images, but different from each other.