Carmelo Nicosia
A vedere forse accadrà, Etna 2019

A young photographer, thirsty for knowledge, observed an old master in the dusty studio on the slopes of Etna, who meticulously, image after image, ordered the arrangement of his exposure. Outside the weathered windows, the volcano roared and reminded the world of the precariousness of mankind. Old plates, large format negatives, specimens, yellowed Polaroid, paper fragments faded by time took shape, the path of a life of actions and visions. The master had been young, impulsive, had grown up and accompanied with his photos the mountain community, from birth to death, a sort of ferryman of souls. He remembered war, torn bodies and fleeing children, war to the sound of rhetoric, the perfect race, the illusion of liberation. The young photographer buzzed around and asked for possibilities, accelerated procedures, tricks of the trade and winning strategies and asked for time, Time. But the master pursued a strong and convincing look that through photography could become a search for meaning, concreteness, a solid voice for change.

He hoped that photography, or rather the photographic ceremonial, with its severe and repetitive laws, could force to take precise positions, unique and unrepeatable decisions, an extreme assumption of responsibility.

At the moment of the shot, as athletes ‘disciplined‘ on the tatami (a defined place in which all the wisdom of the contenders, flows into thought and action), there is the possibility of fixing a point, a perspective, using the tools of space and time.

After the melancholic noise of the shutter, the choice is made and the strong feeling is to be part of reality, to smell the story, to be part of a whole becoming. Fixing images, creating a narrative, takes on a huge and exciting escape route, for a possible future.