Nicolò Degiorgis

Nicolò Degiorgis

Project initially created between 1993-1995 and published in the form of an artist’s book in 2017.
The Artist’s Book was initially exhibited as an installation in 2017 at the Alexander Langer School in Bolzano-Bozen, the only bilingual school in the South Tyrolean capital.
This volume is a re-edition of the original Heimatkunde notebook used by Nicolò Degiorgis himself at the time of primary school. In this new edition it is designed to be an active tool for schoolchildren to work on. In fact, several classes of the Langer school received a copy of the book to create their own personalized notebook of Heimatkunde.
The volume associates the original chromatic pages with blank pages, which each student can fill in in a language of his or her choice and according to his or her own ideas and visions. If in the initial part you are invited to describe yourself, the vision then extends to your family, friends, class and then to the territory and the surrounding environment. The book is an invitation to actively create a personalized mapping, geographical and conceptual, to build a personal and layered vision of the 'place' in which you live.

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