Michael Christopher Brown I|Reporter

Michael Christopher Brown

The Exhibition

In his exhibition, curated by Ezio Costanzo, Brown will exhibit the reports realized in the various theaters of local wars, on behalf of the Magnum agency and other international newspapers, where the author has immortalized the violence of conflicts and the existential conditions of civilian populations. The exhibition will host 220 photographs that will also include the international preview of the "A more beautiful world" project, a real mission for the protection of the planet, which Brown is carrying out by documenting the plagues that afflict the Earth today but also the aspects that they offer hope for human survival.
Photographs of reports on Libya, Cuba, China, Africa, Palestine, Afghanistan, America and recent social conflicts in the United States will be exhibited. An area of the exhibition will be dedicated to the reportage that the author will make during his residency in Sicily.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a sound installation by the sound artist Michele Spadaro.

Opening time: Thursday to Sunday from 11.00 am to 16.30 pm (last admission at 4.00 pm)

Entrance fee: exhibition "I / Reporter" + Phil Stern Pavilion full price ticket € 5.00 - reduced € 3.00 - schools € 2.00.

Tickets online at ticket.it

The photographer

For his exceptional reportages in war theaters and in the most inaccessible places on the planet, M. C. Brown, 43, is today the symbol of modern photoportage. Photographer and filmmaker, Brown grew up in the Skagit Valley, a farming community in Washington state. He became known for his documentation of the Libyan civil war of 2011 and the resulting monograph Libyan Sugar, winner of the Paris Photo-Award in 2016 and the International Center of Photography Infinity Artist Book Award, in 2017. Brown spent several years in China and in other countries, Egypt, Congo (DRC), the Republic of Central Africa, Cuba, Palestine, starting to take his photos even with the Iphone. His ability to capture critical moments with his smartphone paved the way for him to collaborate with authoritative magazines, including Time, The New York Times Magazine, National Geography and the Instagram platform, through which he reaches hundreds of thousands of followers. . He joined Magnum Photos in 2015, where he remained until June 2017, the year he left. M.C. Today Brown embodies both the traditional aspect of the profession of photojournalist, which is to always stay inside the news, and that of riding the innovative, especially technological, aspects of this profession, through the use of new means of filming, such as 'IPhone, and new communication vehicles, such as Instagram. A use that however does not distract him from the motto of the great Robert Capa - to whom he is linked - that a photo is not good enough if you are not close enough.


October 8th 2021 - April 30th 2022
extended until May 22

Opening time:
Thursday to Sunday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm (last admission at 5.00 pm)

Exhibition space

Galleria Arte Moderna, Le Ciminiere

Viale Africa, 12, 95129 Catania CT


Fondazione OELLE Mediterraneo Antico

E. info@fondazioneoelle.com