Phil Stern Pavilion

The 700 square meter pavilion enriches the collection of the 1943 Landing in Sicily Museum in Catania with 70 images of the great American photographer, who became famous for having documented the American landing in Sicily in July 1943.

The Phil Stern Pavilionwas inaugurated on September 25th 2017, at 6.00 pm, in presence of the sons of the photographer, Peter and Tom, who came from Los Angeles to attest the work done in recent years by a group of professionals to enhance the father's work, through exhibitions, books and conferences.

The Phil Stern Pavilion, curated by the historian Ezio Costanzo, and strongly desired by Ornella Laneri, president of the Foundation, was realized thanks to an agreement with the Città Metropolitana of Catania.

The pavilion also displays historical illustrative panels, posters, a collection depicting the young Phil Stern and photographs taken on Hollywood sets and in the world of jazz. Exclusively for the museum are also exposed some giant photographs taken by Carmelo Nicosia, Stern's personal photographer during the days of his return to Sicily in 2013 and published in the book Phil Stern. Welcome back to Sicily, images that depict the human aspects of Phil Stern who brings his family back to Sicily after 70 years, reliving the places that saw him as a young reporter.

The Fondazione, among the various activities, includes a special attention to the landing sites as territories interested in possible socio-economic developments, so as to imagine a specific cultural tourism district of such places in line with the English and French realities.

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