Phil Stern Room

In the summer of 2013 the great American photographer Phil Stern, at the age of 93, returns to Sicily after 70 years to inaugurate the personal exhibition of unpublished photographs about the war on the island and to close a circle that in Sicily had had his beginning.

Phil Stern had landed on the coast of Gela on 10th July 1943, at 24, following the American troops (Darby's Rangers) to document the advance and liberation of the island by the Allies; Phil, enlisted for a strong sense of freedom and "to defeat Hitler", was sent back, wounded, to an hospital ship in America, where he later started a career as a photographer. In a few years he became one of the most coveted photographers in Hollywood, a friend of James Dean, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe and a personal photographer of President J.F.Kennedy.

The master's return to Sicily also meant a lot for the organizers and supporters of the "Phil Stern. Welcome back to Sicily" project, Ezio Costanzo, Ornella Laneri and Carmelo Nicosia, to whom Phil - guest in this suite from 1st to 13th July 2013 - told the most intense moments of his life and his long career.

The result was a bond of deep friendship and intense collaboration enshrined with the creation of a documentary film edited by Ezio Costanzo and a prestigious volume that collects the images of those days captured by Carmelo Nicosia. Photographs that return the emotions experienced near a man whose look was an inexhaustible source of investigation and feelings, experienced in a time now with no return.


Dedicating this Suite to Phil Stern wants to be a tribute not only to the great character but also, and above all, to the man and the friend.