Gabriele Basilico/Alfio Bonanno/Michael Christopher Brown/Pasquale Praticò/Sofia Privitera/Andrea Santarlasci

In recent years, we have been witnessing a collective awareness of the impact that human activities have on the planet. It is a complex subject, which we have a duty to address from very different points of view. The environmental crisis is a "hyperobject" - as the philosopher Timothy Morton would say - that forces us to become aware that "there is no outside" and that our existence takes place within interconnected systems. The OELLE Foundation borrows the concept of social sustainability, which allows the cohesion of a society capable of supporting its members who, by collaborating in order to achieve common goals, are also able to achieve individual well-being.
A paradigm of the social sciences is the concept of equality. The selection proposed today revolves around this concept:
works born from the dialogue with nature and from listening to places. Ever-expanding megacities and ruins to be re-invented. Sequences of images that urge us to re-imagine a possible and not utopian future.

Exhibition Space

FON Art Gallery
c/o Four Points by Sheraton Catania Hotel

Via Antonello da Messina 45, 95021, Aci Castello (CT)

Opening Time

Opening October 8th, h. 6.30 pm

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