Michael Christopher Brown

In his exhibition, curated by Ezio Costanzo, Brown will exhibit the reports realized in the various theaters of local wars, on behalf of the Magnum agency and other international newspapers, where the author has immortalized the violence of conflicts and the existential conditions of civilian populations. The exhibition will host 220 photographs that will also include the international preview of the "A more beautiful world" project, a real mission for the protection of the planet, which Brown is carrying out by documenting the plagues that afflict the Earth today but also the aspects that they offer hope for human survival.

Territori intermedi
Gabriele Basilico

A great international artist arrives in Catania with an unpublished exhibition. The works, specially produced for the exhibition by the Gabriele Basilico Archive, reveal an approach that has hitherto little been investigated within the rich artistic production left by the Milanese photographer. The intermediate territories of Basilico are physical spaces and seem almost tangible to the eye, but also mental spaces, induced in the observer by the voids, by the absences determined by pauses and silences in the visual construction of the image.

Agatha on the road

Fondazione OELLE Mediterraneo Antico brings the extraordinary rituality of the feast of Sant'Agata on display with "Agatha on the road" project which aims to contribute to the story of the uniqueness of this religious festival and of people, known through out the world.
In a moment of great involuntary emptiness of possibilities and prospects, the OELLE Foundationhe felt the need to make his own, through the language of art, to a city that finds itself in silent devotion for the second time.

Fondazione Oelle Mediterraneo Antico

The OELLE Mediterraneo Antico Foundation aims to collect this immense intangible heritage to give life to projects for the enhancement of Mediterranean art, history, science and cultures, memories of the past that look to the future

Fondazione OELLE Education
e-learning platform
Canto di primavera
(che colore avrà il futuro?)

The color of this Spring 2021 takes on a particular value, a symbol of a longed-for rebirth.
From drawing to photography, from painting to videoing, from sound to writing, OELLE has tried to regulate the anarchic and random traffic of different experiences and personalities, drawing on the archive of its own memory, full of important signs and acquaintances that have left their mark within the OELLE community

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